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Mojang, Markus Persson, Telltale Games, Microsoft
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Minecraft is a game of building blocks like lego, you can build whatever shape you want and your imagination because you can say you can build without limit. you can build a house by collecting blocks and then feeding them into a house like what is inside your imagination. But this game is not just to compose the beam only, there will be a monster that will appear in the day and you must be ready to face it by making a weapon. Already many hundreds of thousands of children download and love to play this popular game, then you are the one who will love the next

Minecraft Full Review

One of the earliest and most popular survival video games is minecraft. The game was originally developed by the Swedish developer Markus Persson in the year 2011 and released by the Publisher Mojang. The game is now owned and developed by Microsoft. The game can be played on different devices and operating system. Smartphone users with IoS, windows phone and Android can play the game. It is also compatible with various gaming platforms like Nintendo, Xbox 360, play station, Wii. Interested users can also download the mine-craft server on their computer to play the game, though this may take time or use Android Emulator to play minecraft android version on PC.

Mine-craft is popular because it tests the creativity of the player. In the original game, the player was supposed to use his creativity to build blocks and protect himself against nocturnal creatures which attack the player. The game is popular for its mechanics which allow the player to construct sophisticated and complex structures using his imagination. Most new players find it extremely difficult to survive the first night while playing mine craft and usually consult guides trying to survive. However after they have played the game once, they usually find it extremely addictive since it is very challenging.

Three different modes of the game have been developed with a different theme. The basic and original theme of the game is the survival mode, where the player is trying to survive in his battle against the monsters who appear at night, gathering resources, exploring the land and fighting the forces of nature to survive. In the creative mode, the player does not face any health and hunger problems, is free to use all the resources available and craft complex structures based on his imagination. The adventure mode allows the player to enjoy unique adventures, using the special maps which are available.

Players can download minecraft free so that they can play the game on their computer. There a large number of mods available for the computer version of the game, which allow the player to make different changes in the basic version of the game, from changing the mechanics of the game to the appearance or style of Mine-craft game.There is a multiplayer version of the game also available, so players can play the game with their friends, construct structures together and share their scores. There is a large community of players who use multiple servers, and the mods installed ensures that each player has a different experience with the game.


Survival games

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